Lynx - Botella

Lynx - Botella


Her gaze pierces beyond red stars

eyes with burnt ire, a tigress howls

bellowing through jungles afar;

-Nette Onclaud

Chevron one-piece cut out swimsuit with geometric halter top featuring a metallic clasp. Perfect as a crop top, the inverted v-shape pattern has a slimming effect while adding a sexy element by revealing the shape of the breasts.
The v-shaped bottom elongates the legs in the front with a slight parabolic curve, while the lace covers a part of the belly. The flirty back promotes the back curves while focusing on DIDA’s unique cuts.

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Available Colours:

  • Black with black lace elements 

  • Fresa (Cardinal Red) with rouge lace elements

  • Botella (Olive Green) with correspondent lace

  • Indigo-Sanguine (purple with sanguine lace elements)

  • Ink-Blue (Sapphire Blue) with correspondent lace

Carefully selected fabric from Spain and Italy and soft lining mesh that offers unique softness and comfort, handpicked laces from a family factory in France. All carefully hand cut and lined for each swimming suit. 

Each garment is given a handmade treatment to achieve its unique finish. Any differences to each piece are a special characteristic, which should not be considered a product defect.