Gazelle - Delave

Gazelle - Delave


Her deceptive eyes

Sensing danger

Betrayed only 

by her quivering crimson lips

-Adrian D Marchese

Over the shoulder lace top featuring a more athletic yet elegant cut. High wasted, high rise (above the hip) design landing on the thinest part of the waist line with lace elements on the hips. This swimsuit covers the most sensitive parts of the body, giving a more feminine sense to the viewer, while the special addition of lace boosts the feeling of wildness.

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Available Colours:

  • Black with black lace elements 

  • Botella (Olive Green) with correspondent lace

  • Indigo-Sanguine (Purple with Sanguine lace elements)

  • Delave-Yelow (Lilac Purple with Yellow lace elements)

Carefully selected fabric from Spain and Italy and soft lining mesh that offers unique softness and comfort, handpicked laces from a family factory in France. All carefully hand cut and lined for each swimming suit. 

Each garment is given a handmade treatment to achieve its unique finish. Any differences to each piece are a special characteristic, which should not be considered a product defect.