Innocent Games Through Time



Be feminine and daring

Treasure Hunt 

Discover your mysterious female power

like every woman who has remained in history.

I Spy

Adore playful things and have a witty attitude.

I SPY the blue summer sky and you spy my blue Dida bikini with white lace details.

Hide & Seek

We Women are beautiful , we just have to show it.

The designer worked closely with her tailor to redesign each type of swimwear with the aim of enhancing a woman's beauty. The cut of this piece visually elongates the legs and brings the attention to the thinnest part of the waistline. 


Less is more and you don't need much to be elegant.

'Simplicity is the keynote to elegance'

- Coco Chanel

Cap pas Cap

Always remember the games you played when younger, add some spice to them and never stop playing. 

'Be playful yet elegant, wild yet beautiful. Be you.'

- Dida