Innocent games through time

I sat and stared at the scenery around me reflected up side down. It all looked the same regardless of the passing of the years. I followed with my gaze the mountain line that cut through the horizon. The colours hadn't faded with the passing of the years but seemed brighter, defying time. The trees greener and the sky bluer, the sun warmer. 

A fast moving reflection caught my eye and I turned abruptly to follow it.. the movement transcended my mind to the last time I was standing at the same spot. Faintly Heard in the distance her childish sweet voice "find and catch me if you can". Her smell was floating in the crisp summer air and I saw her white dress disappearing behind a tree across the lake in the distance. It couldn't be.. it looked so real like the memory had come to life. I shook my head and just smiled at my vivid imagination, but moments later.. "what happened? You are too old and won't play with me anymore?" It was her! She was standing right in front of me.. she looked so different and yet the same! 

I ran after her.. we played like we used to, so many years ago.

The game hadn't changed but we had

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The "Innocent Game Through Times" collection transcends through time and links the innocent childhood with a seductive present. Reminiscing of games children that have now become adults used to play and flirting with the idea of translating their innocence in adulthood.

Dimitra Tsitampani