Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek


High Waisted design with playful lace elements. Strapless push-up top and high above-the-hip rise bottom to elongate the legs and lace on the hips

*NOTE: in production, the strips tieing the bandeaux at the back are made in the same colour and fabric as the body and not in lace as shown in the imagery

Available Colours:

  • Tropical Peacock Blue with White lace elements
  • Raspberry Red with White lace elements
  • Cycladic Blue and White lace elements

(See all available colours below)

Size Chart:

  • Size 36 / Small
  • Size 40 / Medium 


  • Body: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane (cotton feel)
  • Lace: 100% Polyamide
Size - Top:
Size - Bottom:
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A new Statement. We are gorgeous - as long as we know how to show it (off). With a little "push" on the top and a smart trick at the bottom. The structure of the typical "high-waisted" piece was rethought and technically tweaked by the designer with the aim to highlight the waistline and elongate the legs. The swimwear hugs the waist, that is the thinnest measurement on a woman. The curve on the hip is altered to a parabola from a simple curve with its peak on the front and not on the seem on the side. It lands above the hipbone making the legs look never-ending. The touch of lace adds to the effect without exposure awarding you graciously long legs.