Designed in London, hand made in Greece with Mediterranean inspiration and materials.. but thats just the surface, lets dive in:



Make the time you spend with DIDA last:

a. Rinse by hand

b. do not wring or bleach

c. dry away from direct heat

We don't ask you to wash with tears but care with love


PS. You are welcome to remove the Silver logo and wear as a jewellery piece. - Upon request we are happy to send you a wristband for it along with your DIDA -



French Lace from a small family run mill in Lyon,  Italian and Spanish Fabrics from leading manufacturers in Europe and the unique Silver DIDA Logo.. all come together to preciously wrap your glowing skin into unforgettable moments.



Dida is a produced in a small local Atelier in Athens. We promote first-world / non-exploitive wages everyone participating in our project. We ensure working conditions adhere to environmental and labor standards. As our production is hand made we have near to zero waste of materials. Our production is small and limited ensuring the highest standards of fit, quality and construction as well as exterminating wastage.

We love the environment and we love your body. 

BASE: We buy our fabrics from ethically operated companies with minimal waste. We choose High Quality stretch, engineered for long-lasting sportswear, awarded the prestigious LYCRA® SPORT certificate, it ensures extra stretch and a perfect shape recovery for an extreme freedom of movement. Offers 50+ UVB Protection against harmful UV rays.

LACE: Any areas of the body covered by Lace fabric should be treated like bare skin – always protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen, long sleeves or protective headwear. Stay Protected!



We love working with influencers, photographers and models but do not support paid promotional content and social media endorsement. We want your DIDA experience to be authentic and purely driven. So, if you like you in Dida you can show the world you do.


MISSION, from DIDA to you

DIDA is a means of expression through your personality and unique style. It’s the discovery of the silver lining between the girl and the woman within you. Inspired by elegant feminine movement and wild spirited passion for life, brought together in parallel without overshadowing one another. Dida is the search of this perfect balance.

Our vision is to revive elegance and distinguish it from the never ending fashion trends, by helping women to individually discover its power. Our drive is beauty, femininity and self-empowerment. There are great taboos and too many opinions about womens attitudes today. You should only focus on your own and DIDA wants to help you quiet the noice and listen to yourself. Remember that you look as you feel and DIDA wants you to be an inspiration.

MOTO: DIDA is playful yet elegant, wild yet beautiful... She is herself