photo: @ninachan

photo: @ninachan

Our product - Crafted to be your essential style companion... your Dida

Established by Dimitra Tzima Tsitampani, DIDA is a swimwear brand based in London and handcrafted in Greece with carefully selected fabrics from Italy, Spain, France and the utmost attention to detail, from the hand picked French lace designs to the silver logo (stamped 925) on every swimsuit.

DIDA has been created with versatility in mind and comes from the belief that swimwear should not just be worn by the water. Instead, it is an essential style companion that can effortlessly take you from these early summer dips to sunset cocktails and everything in between.

Dida sees swimwear as a complete look tailored for the summer and not a mere component.

Our story - From icy rinks to warm waters…

Tzima’s swimwear designs are inspired by the female figure and replicate the intricate, functional costumes she wore on the ice rink as a figure skater.

Skater's dazzling outfits lend artistry and personality to their technical routines, while flowing fabrics highlight the grace of every jump, spin and twirl on ice.

Similarly, DIDA focuses on complimenting the female body. Our designs have been carefully tailored to accentuate and flatter the body's natural curves, elongating the legs and shaping the waistline - all the while feeling secure and comfortable.



photo: @nura_m_zadeh

photo: @nura_m_zadeh

Our name - Embracing the girl and the woman within...

Through ultra-feminine yet playful designs, DIDA reflects the perfect balance between the playful girl and the sensuous woman within you.

Our swimwear encourages women to embrace the nostalgic carelessness coming from their inner child together with the more elegant, independent adult they are now.

The brand's name itself is directly inspired by these innocent and playful days, when Tzima’s baby sister couldn’t pronounce her name correctly - simply calling her DIDA.


Our craft - Demi-Couture swimwear ...


• Demi-Couture SWIMWEAR:

Swimwear patterns ordinarily rely on the elasticity of the fabric to follow women's curves. Stepping away from these conventional rules, Tzima is pushing the boundaries of traditional swim by technically developing her own patterns. 

Working with a small team composed of just a tailor and two sewing professionals, each of Tzima's design is tailored and recreated several times in order to achieve new technical solutions, before being finalised. 

DIDA now follows the principles of couture and is guided by the the three-dimensional element of the female figure, allowing women to wear cut-away pieces whilst feeling supported. Every piece of lace is carefully sourced for the collection and hand-cut individually before being added to the swimwear.

Our designs are lovingly crafted and Tzima inspects every piece of clothing herself and personally sews on the Silver DIDA logos to make sure her personal touch is added to every swimsuit that goes out from her atelier.


• LINES for your Line:

Our swimwear's flattering lines are designed to fit, look and feel great, to empower women when they can feel at their most self-conscious. These include clean structural lines that follow the waistline, and give it a slimmer elegant appearance visually. 

You will also find high above-the-hip rise bottoms, which will elongate your legs and lace on the hips to make you feel elegant before taking the plunge or while dancing while the sun sets.

Based around the concept that you could wear it from day at the beach to night, it aims to blur the boundaries between a playful afternoon with a more seductive evening.


DIDA focuses on working with the finest fabrics and emphasising each woman's natural beauty. 

We only source the finest European materials that respect the skin and allow It to breath. Our Beachwear is made out of Silk and Cotton, while the material for our Swimwear are chosen from the most advanced and ecologically driven companies in Italy, Spain and France.

Couture-inspired embellishment such as lace and carefully constructed cut-outs placed in the right places are an integral part of our collections.


Our Designer


She is behind DIDA...

Tzima grew up in Athens, but as a professional Figure Skater, she spent time in Russia for training and travelled extensively internationally for competitions throughout her childhood. At the age of 18 she moved to London where she studied Architecture and Engineering. After testing the waters in the working environment of Architecture she moved to the fast paced world of fashion working amongst some of the greatest creative minds of design between London, Paris and NY.

When her love for the sea lead her back to her summer destination, Mýkonos she decided to add a drop of her beach-girl nature in her passion and Dida was born.